Incident Management

TENFORCE is the software for end-to-end incident management. From reporting to root cause analysis, intelligent dashboards, centralized CAPA follow-up and improved EHS performance – you only need one solution.

Transparency has definitely increased. The follow up of actions that need to be taken due to incidents or audits became much more structured. Each action is now easily tracked, without falling through the cracks.”

Peter Jacobs
EH&S Delivery Leader, Monument Chemical

If you are struggling with:

  • data scattered in emails, paper documents, aging systems and spreadsheets;
  • dealing with hazardous environments where incidents are just waiting to happen;
  • loss of business due to unexpected downtimes caused by incidents and/or damaged corporate image;
  • uncertainty over satisfactory EHS compliance during audit

TENFORCE will help you to:

Ensure Compliance and Foster a Proactive Safety Program

  • Improve data traceability and keep a clean audit trail.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements from ISO, OSHA and others.
  • Create a transparent overview of the company’s incidents and risk management KPIs, and keep your team up to date with 24/7 data access.

Eliminate Overlooked Steps

  • Centralize incident data and ensure consistency using established workflows and standard company- or site-specific forms.
  • Perform in depth investigations on time.
  • Retrieve data from multiple sources and identify the underlying root causes of incidents.

Encourage Employees to Report Incidents and Near-misses

  • Engage your people to report events through easy-to-use forms and a user-friendly digital system able to capture data through mobile devices.
  • All data is synced 24/7.

Instantly Update the Right People When an Incident Occurs

  • Keep people the right people in the loop through automated real-time alerts and email integration, no matter if they are at their desk or on a mobile device.



Incident Capturing and Tracking

  • Capture all incidents;
  • Identify and record safety issues, near misses or data breaches;
  • Track incidents by type, site or injury outcome;
  • Rule based e-mail notifications.

Incident  Investigation

  • Manage investigation lifecycle;
  • Perform root cause analysis;
  • Notify relevant users and departments on findings;
  • Monitor incident frequency rates and map them to risks.

Corrective  and Preventive Actions

  • Create  CAPA management plan;
  • Assign ownership by Role, Group or Individual;
  • Monitor incident frequency rates and map them to risks;
  • Rule based e-mail notifications;
  • Daily task reports.

Reporting  & Analysis

  • Enable flexible reporting;
  • Track and measure incident data against safety KPI performance;
  • Record and report incidents for regulators to ensure compliance;
  • Gain insight into incident trends and devise corrective plans to avoid them.