Permits & Isolation

TENFORCE is the one-stop solution for tracking and managing all work permit and isolation data. Through intuitive dashboards, task management, and automated alerts you have full visibility on ongoing and planned non-routine activities in hazardous environments.

If you are struggling with:

  • time wasted on retrieving old paper permits and endlessly creating the same permits for similar work;
  • eliminating human errors and safety risks in your permit and Lock Out/Tag Out/Try Out (LTT) procedures;
  • having full visibility on ongoing non-routine activities.


Minimize the Risk of Human Errors

  • User-friendly presentation simplifies the creation, authorization, and issue of all Permit to Work requirements.
  • Automated conflicting situation detection simplifies the process leading to better cost-efficient planning, and risk management.

Maintain 100% Audit Preparedness

  • Safety checks and ‘alert’ functionality improve legislative and ‘best-practice’ compliance, reducing operational risks and maximizing safety.
  • The audit trail gives you full visibility on every update that happened to a specific permit for 100% audit preparedness.

Save Time on Administrative Tasks 

  • Easy creation of a permit brings cost benefits by replacing cumbersome paper-based systems and reducing wasted time.
  • Custom templates and automatically generated isolation lists and tags, reduce time spent on administrative details.
  • Reuse previous forms to faster generate isolation certificates.

Foster a Safe Working Environment for Contractors and Employees

  • Automated alerts notify you when critical tasks are not completed.
  • Rule-based structure within a defined authorization process and flexible analysis functions deliver ‘real-time’ management information.



Request  & Create Permits

  • Initiate permits per type and situation;
  • Assess and assign TRA levels needed;
  • Print customized permits and isolation labels;
  • Active conflict detection;
  • Assign ownership to the issuer.

Isolation Certificates and Labels

  • Managed process flow for Lock, Tag, Try;
  • Issue new isolation certificates or reuse previous ones;
  • Monitor the status of machinery and equipment;
  • Automated alerts for overdue tasks.

Preventive Measures

  • Create preventive actions to secure an installation;
  • Monitor status of each task’s completion;
  • Rule-based e-mail notifications and alerts.

Overview  & Signing Off 

  • Overview of all permits data and preventive actions;
  • Immediate and automatic escalation;
  • Monitor the status of active and inactive permits and preventive actions;
  • Sign off when the permit is completed.