Shift Logs

Imagine an ideal shift change where the incoming operators, supervisors and production managers can fully understand what happened in the previous shifts. No looking for a hardcopy logbook, no digging through unrelated information, no tagging pages. TENFORCE is the system that delivers exactly that.

60% of all incidents happen within the first 30 minutes of a shift as a result of poor or incorrect shift handover information*

Manufacturing companies across the world see productivity eroded and profits drained through errors brought on by these painfully routine conditions:

  • Poor shift change communication
  • Confusion in assignment and accountability
  • Difficult-to-share knowledge

Move on from pen & paper to instantly reported shift events and real time action

Unless carefully managed, data tends to get lost in the paper trail. Achieve better visibility and improve operations performance with automated shift handover.

  • Minimize Shift Handover Risk
  • Drive Operator Action through Improved Task Management
  • Accelerate Decision-Making with Collaboration and Shared Knowledge

When you implement the TENFORCE system you realize how important accessible, consistent knowledge is to operational success.

Electronic Shift Logs and Handover

  • Schedule shifts and create logs per Production Line;
  • Electronically document shift events, observations and notes;
  • Capture asset utilization parameters;
  • Automatically deliver key information to help the next shift to operate the plant safely;
  • Take real-time action on instantly reported events during shifts.

Daily Instructions  & Night Letters

  • Electronically manage KPIs, actions and instructions;
  • Create and plan instructions per topic & area with pre-defined start- and end-dates;
  • Assign ownership by role, group or individual;
  • Rule based e-mail notifications.

Production Tasks Management

  • Morning and production meetings management;
  • Plan, create and automatically assign actions and production recurring tasks.
  • Track actions via the workflow, due dates and sector information;
  • Identify incomplete tasks and missed KPIs;
  • Automated alerts.

Monitor & Report

  • Monitor centralized daily shift data and supervisor log;
  • Revise past observations on equipment or process issues;
  • Search according to type, dates and keywords;
  • Simple real time analysis of plant performance and efficiency (OEE);
  • Automate recurrent reports to management.completed.
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