Accelerating Digital Transformation of Governments

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A digital world demands digital governments. Nowadays, leaders at every level face an urgent question: with limited resources, how can they deliver services that engage citizens and delight them?
TenForce is an active partner in driving digital government innovations in areas like mobility, analytics, linked open data, and social platforms. Our clients are working to improve workforce mobility, provide increased transparency, citizen engagement and empowered decision making while keeping poise to address the policies and organizational challenges of tomorrow.
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European Commission: ESCO
Improving workforce mobility throughout the EU

The European Skills, Competences and Occupations (ESCO) taxonomy is a key element in the policy to considerably improve the matching of jobs with vacancies throughout Europe.
Within this project Dacota One is designing, developing and managing a multilingual taxonomy of European skills, competences, qualifications and occupations to help DG EMPL foster labour mobility across EU member states.

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To measure inflation across E.U., various National Statistical Institutes (NSI) across Europe compile scanner data generated by point-of-sales terminals in retail shops.
These NSIs define their own methodologies for linking scanner data to ECOICOP (European Classification of Individual Consumption according to Purpose) and identifying product replacements (i.e. “relaunches”). The objective of the project is to offer a common and multilingual methodology to NSIs currently not using scanner data to streamline and increase the volume of processed data. The result should improve the quality level for HCIP output.

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TenForce participated in a NATO NCIA research project investigating solutions to facilitate information sharing among NATO information systems. Within this objective NATO NCIA applies semantic technologies to support mapping of information semi-automatically between their data sharing protocols. Dacota One contributed in the design of the specification language for this mapping.

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Your Data Stories

YourDataStories wants to develop the required software stack that will enable the Open Government Data (OGD) to reach citizens in their everyday online life, inside the digital social interaction they are already familiar with, acquiring a significant role in citizen’s social activity.