Complaint Handling

Track customer or supplier feedback and define corrective actions. Optimize your communication.

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Customer or supplier complaints are a fact of life for any organization, but tracking and managing them can give your company a significant competitive advantage and improve the reputation of your plants. Today you can take a step further and eliminate cumbersome paper based processes for handling complaints through a fully web based software solution. Regardless of how customers contact your organization, TenForce enables your employees to record and track complaints quickly and accurately. Authorized employees will be access the complaint-tracking system from anywhere, using only a standard web browser.
Take advantage of customer feedback to continuously improve products and service.

Easily Record and Track New Complaints

The complaint handling module in TenForce captures complaints and questions arriving via email or website forms and automatically creates tickets in your TenForce configuration.

As from that moment on, all actions and feedback (via email) to your customers or suppliers are linked to that ticket and allow you to handle it efficiently. TenForce offers you a full historical overview of your events and updates per ticket.

Notify the Right People

TenForce Complaint Management can send an email notification each time a new complaint is received – ensuring that the right people are kept in the loop. Email alerts can be used for:

  • Reminders
  • Inactivity alerts
  • Task assignments
  • Review requests
  • Closure requests

Perform Root Cause Analysis for Continuous Improvement

TenForce makes it easy to identify emerging trends quickly, and even gives you the ability to manage improvement projects. Standard reports show you (amongst other information) throughput, lead-times, the number of open tickets – allowing you to analyze your complaint process and further optimize it. Graphical reports can be exported to Excel or downloaded as PDFs, enabling you to share up-to-the-minute information with your executive team. The ad-hoc reporting tool lets you create custom reports that highlight any area of interest.

Improve Collaboration

TenForce is a secure, web-based solution that enables you to share information across the entire organization. You decide who should have access to which parts of the system. After that, authorized employees can access TenForce from anywhere, using only a standard web browser.

TenForce Complaint Handling Key Features

  • ऌ Real time Advanced Reports & Dashboards
  • घ Task Management
  • ण Automated Action Tracking
  • ज़ Email Notifications and Alerts
  • इ Mobile & Offline Access
  • ड Configurable Forms
  • औ Secured Data Environment
  • ख 24/7 Support Team
  • स Training Platform

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