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Jan Van den Nieuwenhof appointed new CEO of TenForce

Leuven, Belgium, October 12th, 2017 – TenForce announces the appointment of Jan Van den Nieuwenhof as their new CEO. He assumed the new responsibilities starting September 15th, 2017 and succeeds Frans Vanhaelewijck who stepped down as CEO to take up a more active role as Technology Advisor.

Jan Van den Nieuwenhof has been part of the TenForce team for the past 15 years, beginning as Project Manager and Team Leader, before joining the TenForce leadership as Business Unit Manager, overseeing the development of the company’s software products.…


TenForce Trace is Now Available in Google Play Store!

From the moment we launched TenForce our focus has always been to provide solutions for a smarter workplace. We empower workers to do their jobs better, faster and be more efficient. Inspired by the needs of our clients we launched TenForce Trace, the first stand-alone mobile app in the TenForce family.

You now have an easy-to-use, ad-free app to take and annotate pictures and better share information with your team members

Completely integrated with TenForce, you can use the app to:

Capture findings during audits and maintenance inspections, easily highlight critical points of interest, share the information with your colleagues and link it to the right action item in TenForce.…

INOVYN Automates Management of Change to Achieve Operational Excellence and Improve Cost Performance /TenForce Networking Sessions

Here we are, just a few days after our 4th TenForce Networking Session, an event series that is already becoming a tradition for us and our special guests. This time we welcomed Dirk Gyzels and Bert Schietekat from INOVYN Manufacturing Belgium, who offered our audience a comprehensive overview of their TenForce implementation and their internal challenges and solutions for common pains related to incident management, audits, and management of change.

Constantly challenging the status quo

We firmly believe that a good software product is one that is continuously growing and adapting to the users’ needs and the reality of the industries it serves.…


TenForce Networking Sessions: Arlanxeo automates work permits in 6 months. No more missed expiry dates and substantial increase in safety

At TenForce we believe that happy clients are our best promoters and we are always excited when they accept to open up and share their know-how with industry peers. This time we welcomed Arlanxeo, a world-leading synthetic rubber company, that trusted pmOperation in their quest to move on from pen & paper and automate Permit to Work processes.

The session started with a brief introduction from TenForce. Jetro Wills, pmOperation Product Owner, the one in charge to keep pmOperation relevant for our clients and performing to their expectations, was there to explain the vision we have for our product and the most important industry trends that influence its development.…

A strategic collaboration to challenge the status quo

The tool for plant managers and their teams to mitigate risk without sacrificing efficiency.

Een betere reiservaring en efficiënter beheer van De Lijn haltes dankzij het mobiel platform

The tool for plant managers and their teams to mitigate risk without sacrificing efficiency.