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Are you struggling to deal with an ever-increasing number of contractors while simultaneously keeping up with regulations? Are you still using paper-based processes and documentation to qualify and ensure contractor compliance? While many organizations appreciate the need for effective contractor management, many rely on old-fashioned tools to do so.

TenForce Contractor Management helps manage the steps companies need to take to make sure their contractors become and stay productive and safe members of their workforce.





100% Digital Paperless Process. Built for Both Contracting Companies and Contractors’ Needs.

The TenForce solution provides the main key features that both contracting and contracted  parties need to efficiently manage the contractor qualification and safety process.

As the contracting organisation you can take the next step to improve contractor management by managing contractor information through one easy-to-use platform :

  • ऌ Always have full visibility with built-in overviews and reports
  • च Create and manage dynamic templates per contractor type
  • अ Centralize and store all contractore files
  • ध Create a predefined roadmap for the qualification process
  • ञ Easy search and retrieve data when you need it
  • द Ensure regulatory compliance with automated audit trail
  • औ Benefit of 100% secured cloud data  environment

As the contracted company or contractor you get to have a single point of contact to work with and ensure you meet the specific requirements of clients’ compliance programs.

  • ण Benefit of you own workspace to store company data and other information
  • अ Update and store certificates, statements, company details  in one location only
  • ज़ Get a dedicated Inbox with centralized qualification requests from all customers
  • ष Always be prepared with automated notifications for expired documents

Filling out paperwork is an activity of the past

Switching to a no paperwork solution will help your employees improve productivity and spend less time on administrative tasks. You can even reduce costs thanks to automated processes that ensure nothing slips through the cracks and less incidents happen.

40 %

less time spent on administrative follow-up

95 %

decrease in volume of outdated documents

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Up to 50 con­tracted com­pa­nies




Up to 200 con­tracted com­pa­nies




More than 200 contracted companies

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