Connecting Field and Office

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TenForce Utility enables companies to smartly plan and track their field operations. TenForce helps local authorities, utilities providers, contractors and other stakeholders to collaborate in planning and executing roadworks from intake to after care. Being a flexible, workflow based solution it can be customized to the needs of every client dealing with a distributed infrastructure and remote workforce.

Tenforce Core Capabilities

Work & Activity Management

At the core of TenForce lies a sophisticated work and activity management solution. It allows to define, organise, distribute, track and follow up the many different tasks and activities that are required to successfully deliver services like telecom, water, energy, and transport in highly regulated environments. Nowadays, companies have to deal with rapidly changing technology, expensive materials, limits on resource investments and many different internal and external stakeholders.

TenForce helps organisations to overcome and manage this increasing complexity, guarantee on time completion and swiftly identify alternative ways to reach their objectives through features like:

  • Authorisations to carefully manage who can do what.
  • Letter & email generation to make sure everybody knows what to do.
  • Notifications for immediate response requests.
  • Audit trail or history to understand what previously happened.
  • Easily adaptable templates, containing the typical tasks for a certain project or work, to standardize the approach across all stakeholders.


Fine grained planning parameters can be set per task or activity. This allows TenForce to show the impact of a shift or delay in a comprehensive way. Impact on the deadlines and resource availability can be seen in readily available dashboard or overviews.

Mobile Access & Offline Sync

Of course, the mobile and office user work together in real time. Our mobile HTML5 based app works on all mobile platforms and has been designed to work under outdoor conditions: eg. sunlight, tablet or casing. In case the mobile workers do not have internet connectivity a synchronisation mechanism sends updates once the connection is reestablished.

Material Management

Typically TenForce is setup to integrate seamlessly with the ERP system in use. TenForce receives the worker orders with materials attached, activates the relevant set of activities and tasks, based on a template and feeds back the status, required quantities, meters in use etc. TenForce can be set up to manage stock locally.

Cost Management

Based on the hours executed or materials used TenForce can calculate costs and feed them back to the ERP system. It serves as a pre-billing engine.

Realtime Dashboards & Reports

TenForce features real time, fully integrated dashboards explaining the actual status of the work. The software comes with different levels of reporting and functionalities that meet the needs of all the different stakeholders, eg. views, filters, query windows, predefined spreadsheet export template or Microsoft Power BI integration.

Safety Management: inspections

TenForce is specifically equipped to dramatically increase the impact, volume and quality of inspections:

  • Execute on-site safety audits using mobile devices and predefined electronic forms.
  • Register incidents and dangerous situations on-site and update relevant stakeholders in real-time.
  • Take pictures and annotate them on your mobile device;
  • Add comments and actions on the go. Continue the follow up in the office.

Connected to the Real World

Feeding information to TenForce through IoT enabled sensors advances visibility on what happens on site. This leads to shorter reaction time, more efficient use of resources, increased stakeholder satisfaction. A multi sensor device, for instance, will warn you about dirt, liquids, noise or disturbances in or around roadworks.

Process Documentation

Keep guidelines, how to’s, procedural notes, designs, picture or other relevant documents close to where the action is. TenForce shows the right document at the right moment in the right place. With check in/check out and version management you are sure that everybody is looking at the truth.


A fully documented API allows TenForce to integrate with the organisation’s internal system, but also with external platforms. Usually TenForce integrates with platforms that manage permits and synchronize roadworks. Typically these platforms are run by government institutions.

TenForce Mobile

Perfectly integrated with the web-based solution, the TenForce native mobile app puts unique features literally at your fingertips:

You can use TenForce Mobile in and around the office to execute typical tasks in a more efficient way:


TenForce Smartfence: A Tangible Proof of how IoI is Used for Smart Tracking of Field Operations

Starting in the first quarter of 2017, TenForce integrates with the LoRa platform of Proximus. As part of this effort, we showcased a hands-on demo of how IoT is used for real time monitoring of field operations. We equipped a regular worksite fence with sensors connected to the TenForce solution (through the LoRa network). Next, we tested some real-life scenarios that may happen on the field and how they get instantly reported in TenForce.

TENFORCE SmartFence | A tangible proof of how IoT is used for smart tracking of field operations

Tenforce Trace: Dedicated Mobile-app For Photo Annotation

Our customers dispose of an easy-to-use, ad-free app to take and annotate pictures and better share information with team members. Completely integrated TenForce, they use it daily to:


Ready For Future-proof Progress: Cognitive Solutions, Big Data, Machine Learning And A.I.

TenForce always keeps an eye out for promising technologies that can change the way we do business. With the newly emerging technologies, it is possible to digitalize real-world environments, using cognitive services, mobile devices, cameras and IoT sensors. Currently, TenForce is looking into combining visual and voice recognition technology with its own solution and its knowledge of Big Data and Machine Learning, aiming to improve the software solution it provides to its customers.

Companies And Organizations Working With Tenforce

De Lijn works hard to guarantee the quality and accessibility of the bus stops. Using a tablet, the “bus stop team” regularly evaluates the quality, accessibility and exact location of the bus stops. They do this using TenForce. Read the full story here (NL).

Proximus: Partnering with like-minded companies allows us to tap into our full potential and push boundaries to help our clients become groundbreakers in their fields. Our strong collaboration with Proximus, dating back to 2014, resulted in an ingenious software solution designed to resolve the challenges of dealing with an evolving distributed infrastructure. Read more here.

TenForce is a pivotal member of PoWalCo, delivering the central platform to allow the planning of work sites in the Walloon public space, their coordination and the management of necessary permits for companies like Aquawal, Elia, Nethys, the Walloon Region and ORES.

Synductis coordinates the infrastructure works of several utility companies in Flanders. Founding members are De Watergroep, Eandis, Farys, Infrax, IWVA IWVB and Pidpa. Synductis uses the TenForce solution to plan and synchronize roadworks.